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This is an article that appeared in the Idaho Statesman on Jan 27, 1979

Husband never gave up on a dream!

This is a story of a man and his dream.

So often the dreams we have stay exactly that, dreams. We become so caught up in the rat race that we don’t have time to grab hold of those dreams. Instead we go on talking about them as though they were right in front of us. Time passes then suddenly we look back and realize our dreams are in the past.

Well, this man didn’t let it all pass him by. He stopped right in the middle of that rat race and not only grabbed hold of his dream but began to build it.

The beginning doesn’t matter much for its just like any other beginning. Working and trying to survive in this world of ups and downs. Sometimes it seems like there are more downs than ups. Like anyone else thought, he pulled through.

He wanted what most people want, a business and life of his own. Trying over and over to take a step forward, it seemed as though he was pushed back two. Here we both were in our home town, the place we both grew up and we couldn’t get started. Just too many people and not enough money.

I can’t remember how or when, but one day everything just seemed to open up. There right in front of him was Boise, Idaho and his dream. The land and people he always wanted but couldn’t find. The chance to start a life of his own and one that he could build all of his own.

After several trips to Boise he packed his family and belongings and headed for his new life. With a small amount of money and a lot of guts he started to build his dream.

There were times when he didn’t know if he would make it. Everything seemed to go wrong, but after several months opening day was here. The day he had been waiting for forever. Scared to death but thrilled in the same breath he opened the doors. I’ll never forget his face when the first people came in. The grin was priceless and the man even more so. For never did he give up.

Of course there is still a long road ahead, for this is just the beginning. The hardest part is in the past now. It’s getting started with your dream and not talking about it, that is so rough.

I know he’ll make it ’cause he’s one heck of a guy. He’s my husband, Cob, and I want the whole world to know about him. His dream is “Cobby’s” and it is as fantastic as the man himself.